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Why Upstand FM?

Get back control 🕹

No longer organize your day around the standup meeting.

Get rid of scheduling conflicts and prevent long meetings.

Be more productive 👩🏽‍💻

You decide when you give your update, and you decide when you listen to updates.

Less disruptions mean you have more time for meaningful and deep work.

Include everyone 🤗

Streamline communication between timezones and create a history of all updates to increase transparency.

Now everyone can join in and stay informed—managers, indirect team members, people coming back from time off, and even new hires.

Keep the human element 🤖

Go beyond just text.

Hearing your team members tell you their update is more personal than only reading about it.

Keep everyone in the loop!

  1. Give microphone access

    give microphone access
  2. Record your update

    record your update
  3. Publish it

    publish your update

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